People push off divorce for many reasons. In some instances, when a couple mutually agrees that getting divorced at a particular is too difficult, they postpone their divorce until some point in the future. We realize the different reasons why people decide to wait to file for a divorce, especially if children are involved. Some people want more time to prepare their children for what lies ahead, while others have a lot of anxiety over certain legal issues, such as child custody. If you are hesitant to get divorced because of custody fears, make sure you explore your options carefully. 

There are various reasons why custody concerns cause some couples to wait to get divorced. Some know that a particular time is very difficult for their child and they decide to wait until things calm down. For example, if a child is seriously hurt in a car accident, it is understandable if his or her parents postpone their divorce. Some couples are not ready to work through child custody issues and want more time to research their options, while some people know that a bitter dispute is inevitable and they wait until the time is right to initiate the process. 

In some cases, postponing a divorce is beneficial, but people should not procrastinate and avoid changes that are necessary in their lives (and the lives of their children, in many cases). By carefully familiarizing yourself with legal matters related to custody and going over your options, you will not only have an easier time approaching your divorce but it is very probable that your chances of a more favorable outcome will increase. Read our family law section for more.