Georgia’s fathers have a critical role in their child’s life. For unwed dads who split from the child’s mom, maintaining a relationship is challenging, especially if the ex is not in favor of that contact. At Faulbaber Family Law, LLC, we often help clients understand the paternity process and protect their father’s rights. 

VeryWell Family reports that legally establishing paternity is about more than paying child support. Your child benefits financially as a legally recognized heir. He or she can collect social security, Veteran’s benefits, if applicable and receive an inheritance. As a direct family member, he or she can also access your medical history. If there are genetic medical issues, your child can obtain the information needed to help identify issues. 

When you formally establish paternity, you not only accept responsibility for the child but you also pay child support. You can acknowledge paternity by signing a Declaration or Acknowledgement of Paternity if you are present for the birth. Signing this document is also required if you wish your name on the birth certificate. 

You can complete an affidavit of paternity before your son or daughter is 18 years old if you were not present for the birth.  You can also submit an application for updating the birth certificate. 

Children benefit from having a relationship with their father. Not only does it typically add stability, but also confidence. Even if your child’s mother does not want you in their life, there are legal ways you can address the situation and maintain a relationship that benefits all of you. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic.