Divorce is difficult for many reasons, and people tend to pay the most attention to the emotional and interpersonal difficulties it creates. However, the reality is that divorce can end up being extremely expensive. Particularly for couples who are older and may have considerable assets, a divorce can cost over $100,000 in some instances. If you are looking to keep your divorce affordable, it is important to keep certain things in mind. According to Forbes Magazine, the most expensive divorce is a courtroom divorce. 

The cheapest way to have a divorce is to keep it out of the courtroom and keep it amicable. If both parties are able to come to agreement on certain key aspects, it will make the divorce much less expensive because it will be much less contentious. This does not mean that you need to be best friends with your soon-to-be ex-spouse throughout this process, but it does mean that you both need to find a commonality to rally around. For example, if you have kids, both of you can decide to put the needs of the children first, and this will make a lot of the hard decisions much easier and less expensive to mediate. If you do not have children, striving for an equitable divorce can often solve a lot of problems before they start. 

It is also important to get your finances in order before you go and speak with a divorce lawyer. Many billable hours are spent on figuring out the finances prior to starting on anything else. If you have well organized finances, the lawyer will spend less time organizing everything and thus this will save you money.