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When it comes time to make the transition between parents in Georgia, children may feel upset saying goodbye to the parent they are leaving, even though they may be happy to see the other parent again. 

According to, here are some ways parents can relieve some of the stress their children feel during the transition. 

When the children arrive 

For a while after they arrive, children may need some time to adjust. A parent may want to give them space, or plan a low-key activity to do with them. It may be a good idea to have a routine that is the same every time, such as a special meal or a game they can anticipate as a welcome. 

When the children leave 

The parent who has the children may want to remind the children ahead of time about the change from one house to the other that is coming up so it does not come as a shock when it is time to go. Children may also benefit from packing the things they want to take in advance. 

At the exchange 

It can be a good idea to establish that the parent who has the children will drop them off rather than the other parent picking them up. This prevents any chances that a special moment will be interrupted. 

However, FindLaw notes that when there is tension between the parents that makes keeping the situation neutral difficult, it can be a better idea to meet in a public place to lower the risk of an argument in front of the children. In this case, it is especially important to show up on time.