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When can you modify a child support payment order?

Life changes may call for making an adjustment to the amount of money going toward child support.

However, only certain life events may allow a modification. Here’s when you can make a change in Georgia.

A decreased income

The loss of a job, workers compensation from an injury or even a demotion can result in diminished income. If your support payment is too financially overwhelming to handle, you may be granted a modification.

More family has arrived

If you have been paying child support to a previous spouse, you may have acquired additional children in a new marriage. You can ask to decrease your child support payment because of your other financial responsibilities.

The expense of the child has changed 

Due to health, school activities or a host of other circumstances, as children continue to grow up they may need additional assistance. Whether it is for ongoing physical therapy for a health issue or to stay involved in an extra-curricular activity, a custodial parent can seek additional income to cover these costs.

An increase in income

The non-custodial parent may have been lucky enough to win the lottery or maybe just acquired a large inheritance. This may cause the custodial parent to consider asking for an increase in child support payments.

The completion of a change in child custody will need to get a court order from a judge. You should consult with an experienced attorney who can assist you with gathering the necessary supporting documentation to give you the best chance to state your case for modification.

Get help filing a request

If you would like to have a child support payment modified in Georgia, you will need to submit a request of modification. This request must not be made within two years of when a court originally filed your child support order.

An attorney can help you review your request and provide advice on the information you are submitting.