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Is A Collaborative Divorce Right For You?

When accomplished properly, collaborative divorce provides a streamlined solution to family law issues. The collaborative divorce process is generally less time-consuming than litigation and usually far less expensive. While both parties have lawyers in this process, collaborative law is not litigation. During a collaborative divorce, each party and their attorneys meet while discussing options and possible resolutions to family law issues.

Collaborative divorce does not work for everyone, however. Each individual participant must work together to arrive at the best possible solution. Attorney Tamar Faulhaber helps you in understanding whether the process is right for your circumstances. She can also advise on whether this process is best suited for the needs of your children.

We Understand The Collaborative Law Process

Resolving family law issues through alternative dispute resolution methods such as collaborative divorce and mediation can reduce conflict and help parents work together to raise children after the divorce is final. Because the process is sometimes misunderstood, it’s essential to speak to an attorney who has experience in handling cases in this manner.

Tamar Faulhaber has been resolving child support, spousal support, child custody, visitation and property division matters through the collaborative law process since Georgia first started using this process. She understands the philosophy behind collaborative divorce. As a trained domestic mediator whose skills are well-suited for collaborative law, she understands how to foster agreement among parties regarding even the most contentious family law issues.

Focusing On The Needs Of Children

Since the collaborative law process allows for so much individual control over the process, it also allows couples to focus more deeply on what is most important for the children. By making the process less combative and having both parents come to agreement on matters pertaining to the children, the needs of the children are better met.

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