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We Seek To Represent You As Well As You Represent Our Country

Members of the military provide an unequaled service for our country. Unfortunately, the costs of doing so can impact service members in a variety of areas, including in divorce and child custody disputes.

At Faulhaber Family Law, LLC, we understand the family issues members of the armed services face both during and after deployment. Our firm places a priority on protecting family relationships and the financial interests of service members at home and abroad.

Protecting Your Finances In Divorce

Everything from property division to the divorce process itself can be different when one party to the divorce is in the military. Military pension division can play important role in your finances post-divorce, as can the division of other benefits such as the Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance. We have protected the financial and legal interests of service members for over 20 years. We know what is at stake and will help you make the right decisions regarding your case.

Importantly, we take the time to discuss the law with you. Too often, members of the armed forces are unaware of their legal rights and options, or simply want to move past the divorce without knowing their legal rights. Our experienced lawyers will provide you with the knowledge you need to clearly establish your goals and how to reach them through the legal process.

Are You Facing A Deployed Divorce?

Deployed service members may be put at a disadvantage in divorce proceedings. Deployed members of the military generally are considered as living in their home county for the duration of their deployment, meaning that a spouse at home can file for divorce at any time. Numerous issues can arise during a deployed divorce, including child custody issues and relocation.

That is why it is so vital that service members obtain an experienced attorney to represent their interests at home, while they are overseas serving our country.

From Support Modification To Visitation Rights, We Have Your Back

Whether you need to change your support obligation (alimony) to an ex-spouse after being placed on inactive duty or you are concerned about maintaining a healthy relationship with your children through visitation, we will be with you throughout the entire process, clearly explaining your rights and next steps. We always seek to resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible while protecting your legal interests.

For an initial consultation, call our Alpharetta, Georgia, office at 678-894-7965 or our toll-free number at 800-607-0518. You can also reach us online.