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Social media is part of just about everyone’s daily life, from posting photos of meals to announcing important life events. However, for couples considering divorce, exercising caution and good judgment on social media can help reduce hurt feelings and other potential consequences.

While there’s nothing wrong with being active on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts, venting or making disparaging remarks about your spouse or other similar behavior might be used against you if you decide to file for divorce.

Study shows a link between social media and divorce rates

A 2014 research project by Boston University and other groups concluded there was a direct relationship between an increase in social media use and a decline in the quality of a couple’s marriage. However, the study did not blame social media for marriages ending in divorce.

Instead, the study’s authors said the results show that people in difficult marriages may use social media as a support system, which could explain the increase in usage for people with marital problems. Researchers said social networks also provide information on an estranged or former partner without the need for direct contact.

Take precautions when divorce is a likely option

If you are considering a divorce, take steps to protect your privacy, including:

  • Privacy settings: Make sure your social media profiles are not public.
  • Review previous posts: While you may not be able to completely remove content that’s already been posted on the internet, delete any mean-spirited or risqué pictures or comments.
  • Reconsider your “friend” list: Try not to be paranoid, but are there any people who side with your ex, or others who like to create drama?

Consider an agreement for posts involving children

Divorcing parents may want to add a provision to their settlement over any child-related social media posts. Parents usually want to protect their kids’ privacy by limiting pictures and updates that put their children in the spotlight. An experienced family law attorney here in Georgia can help you address social media usage to protect your privacy and provide compassionate advice to help you receive the settlement you deserve.