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We Understand The Complexities Of International Custody Disputes

Child Custody and Visitation

As part of our efforts to help clients enforce their legal rights as parents, we provide our clients with carefully tailored legal guidance during interstate and international child custody disputes. Carefully tailored advice is very much required in all family law situations, but particularly when custody and relocation disputes arise.

Faulhaber Family Law, LLC provides all of our clients with the information they need regarding international treaties in order to present their cases to judges. We work diligently on behalf of our clients to obtain orders and to work with law enforcement to implement international law in Georgia using the state and federal courts.

Georgia Relocation Lawyer: Serving Roswell, Alpharetta And Surrounding Areas

And there are also the times when the interstate and international custody disputes require court intervention. Today, these disputes increasingly involve overseas military personnel who only hear about relocation after it has already happened.

Civilians are also affected by our world becoming increasingly mobile. More and more businesses are moving overseas and, as a result, more and more clients have to travel and raise their children in other countries. We can help our clients involved in these disputes understand their legal rights and, more importantly, their personal life goals.

This education empowers clients to become active participants in determining the success of their own cases and to do so in a cost-effective manner. Becoming active participants in their own legal process also often helps them achieve their targeted legal goals as quickly as possible so they can move on in their lives.

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You can schedule an initial consultation at our Georgia law firm by calling our firm’s lawyers at 678-436-5126. You can also contact us online to make an appointment for an entirely discreet meeting with one of our firm’s attorneys to discuss issues related to interstate and international custody disputes. We respect our clients’ privacy, and all conversations are held in complete confidence.