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Divorce Mediation Services With Proven Results

Divorce Mediation Services With Proven Results

In mediation, a neutral third party guides the parties in negotiation to resolve issues in divorce, including property division, child custody, child support and alimony. There is no judge present to decide matters. Instead, the parties agree to solutions on their own. In Georgia, mediation is required before a trial.

Attorney Tamar Faulhaber is an experienced mediator and mediation adviser who has experienced significant success in resolving disputes for her clients without the cost and length of traditional litigation. Mediation can resolve both temporary issues that apply during the divorce, and a final divorce settlement if both parties can agree on all issues involved.

We Maximize The Benefits Of Mediation

Mediation is a tool that clients can use to manage conflict. When we represent our clients in a mediation for divorce or any other family law matter, they know that our focus is on resolving the matter in such a way as to help them move on with their lives quickly and to their benefit.

To maximize the likelihood of success in mediation, we prepare for mediation as if going to court. Ms. Faulhaber will develop an understanding of all the details and will back up her figures with evidence. Attorneys and neutrals end up looking to us to provide the answers because of our knowledge, preparedness and experience at trial.

Our Services As A Trained Mediator

Ms. Faulhaber is also a trained mediator who is able to mediate disputes without representing either party. As a lawyer with extensive experience in all areas of family law, she is able to facilitate communication and help parties negotiate constructively. Attorneys and others looking to use us as mediators are welcome to contact us regarding our professional mediation services.

We Use Mediation As A Tool To Obtain Beneficial Outcomes

At Faulhaber Family Law, LLC, mediation is not just a step prior to trial. It is a real tool that regularly helps our clients save time, money and stress.

You can make an appointment for an initial consultation at our office in Alpharetta, Georgia, at 678-436-5126. We can also schedule you for a meeting with our firm’s attorney if you contact us online. All of our discussions with our clients are held in complete confidence.