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Helping Business Owners Finalize Their Divorce

Division Of Business

Attorney Tamar Faulhaber understands the complexities for spouses going through a divorce who also own a family-run business. She has argued divorce cases at the Georgia Supreme Court level that specifically dealt with this issue. The kind of representation she has provided has effectively changed the approach courts take regarding divorce for business owner cases in our state.

Division Of Business Assets Following A Divorce

When Georgia courts divide business property during a divorce action, they look at the salary of both spouses, business valuation, the location of the business, and other factors. It’s often extremely difficult to determine precisely what a business is worth or what it will be worth in the future.

Even determining the salary of a self-employed spouse is complex. It’s possible for a business-owning spouse to hide financial assets. On the other hand, sometimes money needs to be reinvested into the business. Also, while the divorce is ongoing, the business needs to keep running, and partners and employees need to be paid.

Faulhaber Family Law, LLC, frequently deals with cases involving high-income clients. She routinely drafts prenuptial agreements preventing property division disputes involving businesses from arising to begin with, and she also prepares postnuptial agreements to resolve such disputes following a divorce.

Faulhaber Family Law, LLC, has access to accountants and other experts to make accurate determinations about salaries and business values. And as experienced lawyers and litigators, we know how to protect your business when representing you in court.

Knowledgeable Family Law Representation In Alpharetta

Faulhaber Family Law, LLC, provides legal guidance and representation to family law clients throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. Contact our law firm for an initial consultation by calling 678-436-5126.