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Protecting Family Relationships For Military Parents 

Child Custody & Support For Servicemembers

Active duty service members can have difficulty with a regular schedule of seeing their children. Particularly if you are deployed, you may not see your children for extended periods. Even upon your return, medical conditions can affect your ability to spend time with your children, including post-traumatic stress disorder and physical injuries.

In Georgia, as in all states, courts determine who obtains child custody according to the best interests of the child. In some cases, this can result in a situation in which service members must overcome some obstacles to obtain joint physical custody or sole custody.

Resolving Disputes About Child Custody

At Faulhaber Family Law, LLC, we believe that service members who have acted selflessly for our country make outstanding parents. We will put every effort into protecting your parental rights regarding custody and visitation, even if you have been away for extended periods or may be struggling with physical or mental conditions.

For over 20 years, we have been helping service members protect their relationships with their children. We will put that experience, skill and dedication to work for you.

In Georgia, there are special requirements and opportunities for military members in child custody and visitation matters. You do not just need a lawyer — you need a lawyer who knows military divorce and child custody disputes. Faulhaber Family Law, LLC, can help. Call 678-436-5126.

Going Into Inactive Duty? You May Need A Child Support Modification.

Once active duty ends, many members of the armed services look to increase their education or find a job in the private sector that provides career opportunities. However, the transition can be difficult, and going to school takes away from the ability to earn money. And it can be difficult for many veterans to find private sector jobs.

However, child support obligations do not change simply because you have been put on inactive duty. You must proactively petition the court to have the amount changed. At Faulhaber Family Law, LLC, we can help you in your petition.

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Our lawyers believe in informing our clients about the law and how best to use it to their advantage. Because custody issues involving military parents can be complex, it is important to retain the services of an experienced child custody attorney who can clearly explain your options and how best to protect your rights as a parent.

Call Faulhaber Family Law, LLC, at 678-436-5126. You can also reach us online. From our office in Alpharetta, we represent clients throughout Fulton County and surrounding areas.