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With Their Lives Family Law Attorney Dealing With Out-Of-State Issues

Child Custody and Visitation

Attorney Tamar Faulhaber has a reputation of providing quality representation during extremely complex out-of-state family law matters. She also has provided representation in child custody matters where relocation was an issue for over 20 years.

Legal Issues Arising During A Relocation

Following a divorce, child relocation is always a possibility. Finding agreement between both parents regarding the relocation can be difficult. In Georgia, there are notification requirements regarding the relocation of a child, and therefore the wishes of both parents also require consideration by the courts. Such relocations possibly affect existing child custody, visitation and child support orders.

The outcome of such matters revolves around what is in the best interest of the child, and parents often disagree about what the best interest of the child really is. At Faulhaber Family Law, LLC, we help you address the issues regarding relocation and know how to present evidence demonstrating what is in the child’s best interests.

Resolving Relocation Disputes

Tamar Faulhaber knows how to resolve relocation disputes. She has provided representation to parents who wish to relocate with the child and to parents who oppose such relocation. As a lawyer, she knows how to negotiate on behalf of her clients.

She has extensive litigation experience and has argued matters regarding relocation in the Georgia appellate system. She is also well-versed in trying cases through alternative dispute methods such as collaborative divorce or divorce mediation. And as part of her representation, she often revisits divorce orders for purposes of modification.

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