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Legal Separation

In certain instances, there can be advantages to having a legal separation rather than a divorce. A divorce is sometimes time-consuming and costly. The finalization of a divorce permanently affects your property rights. And unlike a legal separation, a divorce alters the manner that couples share employment benefits and prevents couples from filing taxes jointly.

Faulhaber Family Law, LLC, can review your circumstances and advise you on whether legal separation is a viable option. Having practiced family law for over 20 years, she greatly understands the advantages and disadvantages of having a legal separation.

Is A Legal Separation Right For You?

Sometimes couples who have not necessarily given up on their marriage still feel they need some time to be away from each other. In such instances they often opt for legal separation rather than a divorce. Unlike a divorce, legal separation allows a couple to separate without court involvement.

A legal separation does not put an end to the marriage. However, there still remain certain rights and responsibilities that a legally separated couple have toward each other.

While living separately, a court order or separation agreement can be put in place providing guidance to the couple. This order addresses issues such as child custody arrangements or child support payments while the legal separation remains in place. Though still legally married, a legal separation order will still protect your interests in much the same manner as a divorce decree.

Our attorney’s knowledge of all aspects of Georgia family law will help you make the right choice. Besides exploring your various options, she also provides the kind of guidance to make the right choice.

A Legal Separation Lawyer In Alpharetta

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