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Helping Families Through Adoption


Legal processes can be long and complex. It can seem particularly so during adoption. At Faulhaber Family Law, LLC, we have experience providing clients with straightforward, clear advice to help them manage their adoption-related legal needs effectively and efficiently.

Getting The Benefits Of Parenthood

Adoptive parents take legal responsibility for their newly adopted child’s health decisions as well as other deeply personal matters. These matters normally require official legal recognition of parenthood in order to avoid interference from a third party, including the state or biological parent. We can help you get the legal right to care for a child in need of a loving parent.

Comprehensive Legal Services Relating To Adoption

Our firm represents clients in numerous adoption proceedings with care, compassion and diligence. We regularly help clients with adoption proceedings involving:

  • Stepparents
  • Grandparents
  • "Third parties” such as foster parents

Empowering Clients To Create Whole Families

We assist our clients’ understanding of the legal process. We translate the legal language into easily understood terms. This education empowers our clients to become active participants in the success of their own cases. Becoming active participants in their own legal process also often helps them achieve their targeted legal goals as quickly as possible.

Contact An Adoption Lawyer Serving Alpharetta And Surrounding Areas

To speak with an adoption lawyer serving Alpharetta and its surrounding areas, you can schedule an initial consultation at our Georgia law firm by calling our firm’s lawyers at 678-436-5126. You can also contact us online to make an appointment for an entirely discreet meeting with one of our firm’s attorneys. We respect our clients’ privacy, and all conversations are held in complete confidence.