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Is my ex still obligated to pay alimony during bankruptcy?

Getting divorced may cause more of an impact on your finances than in any other area of your life. For one, you and your spouse will most likely be required Read More

How can I protect my child with special needs?

Divorce is difficult in the best of situations in Georgia, but having a special needs child involved in a divorce makes it an entirely different and more challenging situation. Mediating Read More

Making children’s transition between co-parents’ homes easier

When it comes time to make the transition between parents in Georgia, children may feel upset saying goodbye to the parent they are leaving, even though they may be happy Read More

Can social media behavior affect your divorce?

Social media is part of just about everyone’s daily life, from posting photos of meals to announcing important life events. However, for couples considering divorce, exercising caution and good judgment Read More

Can a support order be modified shortly after being made?

Sometimes unexpected circumstances like an illness or a job termination can dramatically upend your life. Parents who are providing child support may find it difficult to continue support payments under Read More

What hidden assets can a tax return reveal?

People going through a divorce in Georgia who are concerned that their partner may be trying to conceal money or accounts have a resource that may reveal any number of Read More

Is divorce more expensive for one spouse than the other?

Divorce is an expensive process. There are legal fees, splitting assets, retirement funds, alimony payments, child support and more. Divorce isn’t always fair, either. The spouse that makes more money should Read More

Could bird nesting work for you?

A divorce is very rarely smooth when you have children. Trying to ensure they experience the least amount of disruption in their lives is not an easy task, but some Read More

Common forms of mediation

There are many benefits to utilizing mediation as an alternative to going to court. Most notably, people like it because it takes less time, costs less and is less confrontational. Read More

Personal property that should be listed in divorce

It is easy to miss a few personal items while documenting your possessions for an upcoming divorce. Georgia couples who own high valued assets may be so focused on a Read More

What are the grounds for divorce in Georgia?

Marriage is a legal contract in Georgia, so to break that contract through divorce, the court wants to know your reasoning. The state gives you options for the grounds upon Read More

Grey divorce has a larger financial impact on women

Couples over 50 years old are the largest demographic currently getting divorced, and it continues to increase. The so-called “grey divorce” phenomena can result from changing priorities, a second marriage Read More

What should you include in your parenting plan?

A custody agreement is more than determining physical and legal custody. It is even more than scheduling when each parent has time with their children. Georgia law requires all divorcing Read More

When can you stop paying spousal support?

Not every Georgia divorce will involve a spousal support order. Family courts only establish these orders if divorcing couples have very different financial resources that would impact their accustomed standard Read More

What to know if you want to sell assets before a divorce

Divorce can be an expensive process where both spouses could lose a lot of money in the process. As you start looking through your property around the house, you may Read More

Military divorce rate trending slowly down

Little by little, the divorce rate in the military has been going down in recent years. That is what numbers from the Department of Defense reported by point to. According to Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 34 posts


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