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Skilled Georgia Attorney Protects the Interests of Divorcing Service Members and Spouses


Experienced Alpharetta law firm assists military personnel with the marriage dissolution process

I recognize the sacrifices that servicemembers and their families have made, so when a military member or their spouse files for a divorce, they deserve representation from a committed law firm that understands the very unique issues they face. Since 1993, Faulhaber Family Law, LLC in Georgia has worked diligently to safeguard the financial and parental interests of servicemembers and their spouses in the U.S. and abroad who are going through a divorce. Clients rely on my 25-plus years of family law experience with handling asset division, child custody and child support cases as well as other domestic concerns. My Alpharetta-based legal practice represents people in Fulton County and its surrounding areas.

Accomplished legal practice seeks fair financial outcomes for service members

When getting a divorce in Georgia, if spouses can’t agree on asset division, the court will decide who gets what share of martial property through the equitable distribution process. Based on the 10/10 rule for servicemembers, a military pension is considered marital property and a spouse may be entitled to receive their portion of it directly from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service if their marriage lasted for ten years or more and their partner was on active duty for at least that amount of time. Keep in mind that equitable does not necessarily mean a 50/50 division. Rather, several factors are taken into account when splitting assets. Some of them include:

  • Spousal contributions to acquiring the marital property
  • The length of the marriage
  • Spousal misconduct during the marriage
  • Contributions by each spouse to the family unit

Throughout my nearly 30-year legal career, I’ve sought fair solutions to help military clients and spouses of military members retain more of their assets. After reviewing your circumstances, I will advise you about what you may expect going forward.  

Diligent lawyer safeguards rights of deployed clients and military spouses during divorce proceedings

If you are deployed during divorce proceedings, you may be at a disadvantage as the law generally considers deployed military members to be living in their home country during deployment, which means that your spouse at home can file for divorce even if you are out of the country. Your deployment period also potentially gives your spouse more time to gather evidence that they can use against you in court upon your return. Additionally, if you have children, deployment can affect the level of custody or visitation you receive as the court looks at the children’s best interests when making custody decisions. I will put every effort into safeguarding your parental and other rights while you are serving overseas. If you are the spouse of a deployed servicemember, I understand the unique challenges you have faced throughout your marriage and am dedicated to representing you during the divorce process.   

Seasoned counselor stands up for military parents seeking child support modifications

If you have been paying child support and are leaving active duty, depending on your future plans, you may no longer have the financial resources needed to meet your original support order. If that is the case, the order can be modified based on your new economic situation, but you must petition the court to do so. Until your request is successful, you will still be responsible for paying the original level of support. I will guide you through the modification request process.

Contact an experienced Georgia military divorce attorney for a consultation

For more than 25 years, Faulhaber Family Law, LLC in Georgia has advised residents of Fulton County and surrounding areas in military divorce proceedings. To schedule a consultation, call my Alpharetta office at 678-436-5126 or contact me online.