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Helping Children Obtain A Stable Environment Through Grandparent/Relative Adoptions


Grandparents and other relatives often play a vital role in the life of their grandchildren. Under some circumstances, including death and abandonment by the parent, that role must be enhanced to the point where the grandparent or relative is taking over parenting duties completely.

Through a grandparent or relative adoption, a loved one can have the legal authority to fully care for a minor relative. Relatives are defined by Georgia law as:

  • Grandparent
  • Great-grandparent
  • Aunts/uncles
  • Great aunts/uncles

Is A Biological Parent Unwilling To Surrender Parental Rights?

Many biological parents understand that they are not in a financial or emotional position to properly care for a child. In such a case, a grandparent adoption can help a child be raised in a more stable and secure environment. To do this, however, living parents must surrender parental rights.

In some cases, a parent is unwilling to do so. That does not necessarily mean a grandparent cannot adopt. If there is child neglect, the child is in an unsafe environment, there is child abuse, the child has not been legitimated by the biological father or the parent(s) are otherwise unfit to care for their child, a grandparent may still be able to adopt. We can also help grandparents in similar circumstances with child custody disputes.

We Help You Understand The Law And Your Options

Family legal issues can be complex. They are often emotional and stressful, to the point where it can seem overwhelming. At Faulhaber Family Law, LLC, we can help you use the law as a tool to better provide for your grandchild or minor relative. We can ensure your applications are filed correctly and on time. If disputes do arise, attorney Tamar Faulhaber is an experienced trial lawyer with the skill to present your case to the court effectively.

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