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Trial courts occasionally make mistakes. Unique circumstances may require the courts to interpret Georgia law on complex family law issues. When these occasions arise, you need an experienced family law attorney who excels at appellate level.

Faulhaber Family Law, LLC‘s success in appeals is rooted in diligent legal research and outstanding courtroom ability. We form creative and well-reasoned arguments on appeal that have given attorney Tamar Faulhaber a reputation as a skilled appellate lawyer. She has argued before the Georgia Court of Appeals and the Georgia Supreme Court. She has influenced state law regarding matters such as property division involving business interests and other complex areas of family law.

Considering An Appeal? Talk To Us About The Pros And Cons.

Knowing when to appeal can be difficult. At Faulhaber Family Law, LLC, we regularly help clients decide whether to appeal a case or not. We provide candid and open advice to clients about the appeals process so that they understand the benefits and obstacles of continuing their case. Our clients then have the necessary information to make informed decisions. We never press for an appeal if the circumstances do not warrant it.

On the other hand, Ms. Faulhaber knows when a trial judge has made a decision that is likely to be reversed. While no outcome is guaranteed, she can leverage her experience and skill at appeals to help you understand your options and move forward as efficiently and effectively as possible.

As in all of our actions on behalf of our clients, the sole purpose behind appealing is to further your legal and financial interests. That means we will ask for the judge to modify an order, obtain a retrial, or appeal to a higher court strategically and when it is in your best interests.

Why An Experienced Appellate Lawyer Benefits You

Even if you are just beginning your case, having an appeals lawyer can benefit you in numerous ways. You can rely on our in-depth knowledge of Georgia courts and current family law issues and precedents. We remain on the cutting edge of family law in Georgia because we help lead the way on many issues that directly affect our clients.

It is also why other attorneys regularly turn to Tamar Faulhaber with questions about particular areas of the law in which she has personal experience. Having an attorney on your side with that kind of knowledge is helpful throughout your case, even if you do not go to trial.

Learn More From A Georgia Appellate Family Law Attorney

You can make an appointment for an initial consultation with a family law appeals lawyer serving Alpharetta and its surrounding areas by calling us at 678-436-5126. We can also schedule you for a meeting at Faulhaber Family Law, LLC, if you contact us online. All of our discussions with our clients are held in complete confidence.