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Georgia Postnuptial Agreement Legal Representation

Postnuptial Agreements

As couples sign postnuptial agreements after a couple enters into a marriage, these are different from prenuptial agreements. While sometimes created in anticipation of divorce, a postnuptial agreement also addresses concerns couples may have regarding their marriage.

A postnuptial agreement also sometimes prevents problems from arising to begin with. For example, if a spouse decides to forego a career to raise a family, a postnuptial agreement can provide assurances that the spouse will not be financially punished for making such a decision.

Why Create A Postnuptial Agreement?

There are a number of protections postnuptial agreements create. Provisions in such agreements can protect business interests, and significant assets or accounts accumulated during a marriage. Postnuptial agreements also can serve to modify or revise provisions in prenuptial agreements. This is often necessary because provisions in prenuptial agreements are no longer current.

Attorney Tamar Faulhaber prepares a postnuptial agreement that takes into account your personal needs and desires, and is legally valid in a Georgia court. Such agreements are prepared with great attention to detail. These agreements provide ultimate protection for your interests, both during the marriage and in the event a divorce takes place.

Like all other contracts, there are certain requirements for these agreements to be enforceable. As someone with more than 20 years of family law experience as a practicing lawyer, Tamar Faulhaber understands how to put an enforceable agreement together that meets all of your needs. She gets to know your circumstances, analyzes all of the property you own and inquires about the needs of children, stepchildren and other individuals under your care.

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