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Property Division Sets The Foundation For Your Post-Divorce Life

Property Division

Faulhaber Family Law, LLC, provides its clients with some of the most progressive thinking regarding the division of the marital estate in the state of Georgia, including groundbreaking appellate work with respect to dividing a business in advance. Our familiarity with the issues concerning property division enables us to advise our clients meaningfully, not just with respect to where the law is, but with respect to where the law is heading in the future and how that relates to a client’s individual case.

Asset And Debt Distribution Lawyer: Roswell, Lawrenceville And Alpharetta Areas

Faulhaber Family Law, LLC, regularly advises clients concerning a number of matters related to divorce and property division, including

  • Discovery and depositions
  • Retirement and pensions
  • Qualified domestic relations order (QDRO)
  • Hidden assets
  • Valuation of assets, including retirement accounts
  • Houses
  • Separate property in existence prior to the marriage
  • Property held in joint accounts
  • Interpretation of the “source of funds rule,” including recent developments that significantly complicate that legal rule
  • Gifts to the marriage
  • Family-owned businesses

You can entrust your personal family law matters to us confidently, knowing that we remain familiar with the latest changes in law as a matter of course for the benefit of our clients.

While they learn more about the law from us, our clients often begin the process of gaining back their self-esteem. We do this by assisting our clients in understanding the legal process they are engaged in and translating the legal language into normal lay person terms.

This education empowers clients to become active participants in determining the success of their own cases and to do so in a cost-effective manner. Becoming active participants in their own legal process also often helps them achieve their targeted legal goals as quickly as possible so they can move on in their lives.

Contact A Business Valuation Lawyer Serving Alpharetta And Other Areas

To speak with a property division lawyer serving Alpharetta and the surrounding areas, you can schedule an initial consultation at our Georgia law firm by calling 678-436-5126. You can also contact us online to make an appointment for an entirely discreet meeting with one of our firm’s attorneys. We respect our clients’ privacy, and all conversations are held in complete confidence.