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Georgia men fear losing custody

When two parents ultimately decide to have a divorce, it is often the father who goes in worried about how much time they will get to spend with their child after the settlement. Many couples often have the notion that the courts favor the mother and assign them more custody while having the father pay for child support.

It ultimately does not help that there are several studies showing the state’s favoritism towards mothers. Earlier this year, Custody X Change released a study to determine which states grant the most custody time towards fathers. Georgia ranked near the bottom as the average father gets to spend 23.5 percent of the year with their children. The fear could lead multiple dads to make reckless decisions in the courtroom to worsen the situation. They instead should have multiple tactics in mind to increase their chances of spending more time with their kid after the divorce.

Step up their parenting

Recently, a judge from the Superior Court of Fulton County offered her advice to CNN on what fathers can do to acquire more custody time. She suggests that fathers make more of an effort to establish a relationship with their children as soon as they can. She believes that the longer it takes for them to put effort into their parenting, the more difficult it will be to maintain that relationship. In a custody battle, the court may question the child about how they feel towards their mother and father. While telling the court their preferences is far from the deciding factor, it can still play an important role in their final decision.

Keep a calm demeanor

The judge also recommends fathers to avoid displaying their anger in court or constantly badmouthing their former spouse. It can become very intense if the couple has been at odds with each other or if one calls for a protection order. If the court finds the father to be someone that is easy to anger or have no qualms about throwing multiple insults towards someone he formerly loved, then they may feel he will offer a dangerous environment for your child. Your case should focus more on making you look good than making your spouse look bad.

Seek legal assistance

One of the last points the judge makes is to get legal advice if you find yourself in this difficult scenario. With how much is being split in a divorce, fathers can feel overwhelmed and may have difficulty focusing on asset division and child custody. An attorney can help you devise strategies that can contribute to receiving the amount of custody time you deserve. Do not let stories and statistics overwhelm you in the proceedings. Not every divorce outcome will be the same. The court is more concerned about your ability as a parent than your gender.