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Little by little, the divorce rate in the military has been going down in recent years. That is what numbers from the Department of Defense reported by point to.

According to this data, between 2017 and 2018, there was a very slight drop (a 0.1 percent decrease) in the rate of divorce among active-duty troops. Reportedly, in 2018, the percentage of married active-duty service members who got divorced was around 3 percent.

This reflects a wider trend that has been happening for around the last decade. This trend is a very slow, but continuing, decrease in the military divorce rate.

What do you think are the biggest contributors to this trend?

Now, even with this decrease, divorce is something that continues to touch the lives of many members of the military. This may especially be the case for female service members, as the recent Pentagon numbers point to their divorce rate being well over twice that of male service members (6.3 percent vs. 2.6 percent).

There are many things members of the military may be worried about when getting divorced, from what will happen to their finances to what will happen with their relationships with their kids. Military divorces raise many unique issues. These unique aspects, along with a range of other factors, can impact what strategies can best help service members protect what is important to them when it comes to property division, child custody and other key divorce matters. Skilled family law attorneys can help members of the military who are getting divorced with addressing these unique aspects and safeguarding their goals.