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Marriage is a legal contract in Georgia, so to break that contract through divorce, the court wants to know your reasoning. The state gives you options for the grounds upon which to file for your divorce. Grounds are simple the reasoning behind your decision. According to the Georgia Code, there are 13 grounds for divorce in the state.

 You do not have to state a reason for divorce beyond irreconcilable differences. This is usually called a no-fault divorce and is one of the grounds in the state. You are basically saying you are no longer compatible and do not want to be married.

 You may also use the grounds of adultery if you have proof your spouse cheated on you. Desertion is another option if your spouse leaves you for one year or more. If your spouse is convicted of a crime of moral turpitude and receives a sentence of two or more years in prison, that is another grounds to use.

Grounds for divorce also include your spouse being abusive, an alcoholic, a drug addict or found mentally ill by a court.

 There are also grounds for illegal dissolution of the marriage, such as one person was not mentally capable of agreeing to the marriage or is a close family member. Grounds also include crimes, such as fraud. You may also request a divorce that your spouse was pregnant by another man at the time of your marriage, but you were unaware.

All 13 grounds for divorce lead to the same result of ending your marriage. This information is for education and is not legal advice.