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Property division basics in Georgia

Dividing up property can be a significant concern for many divorcing couples. The property division process is designed to help ensure a fair division of property so that the divorcing spouses Read More

When can you modify a child support payment order?

Life changes may call for making an adjustment to the amount of money going toward child support. However, only certain life events may allow a modification. Here’s when you can make Read More

Enforcing a divorce decree when your ex refuses to follow it

After divorce, you may run into a common situation where your ex does not follow the terms of the divorce decree. The divorce decree or custody order is a legally Read More

Georgia men fear losing custody

When two parents ultimately decide to have a divorce, it is often the father who goes in worried about how much time they will get to spend with their child Read More

How are child custody decisions made?

Parents entering the divorce process likely have many questions about child custody and how their child custody concerns will be worked out. Parents can put some of their concerns at ease Read More

How spousal support is determined during divorce

Spousal support and spousal support requests are an important part of any divorce. There are different ways that spouses can contribute to their marriage over the years, including monetarily or Read More

Viewing 1 - 6 out of 6 posts