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Issues unique to grey divorce

Divorce rates have generally gone down in recent decades. However, couples over the age of 50 are the one group that continues to rise, with rates jumping from 10% in Read More

What causes divorce? Sometimes, it’s common life events

Every divorce, like every family, has a story. Many people assume that something major has to happen before people consider divorcing — infidelity, abuse, a major trauma or the like. Read More

What happens to retirement accounts during a divorce?

When a couple decides to divorce, they go through the process of untangling their belongings to distribute everything evenly. While many people think about items such as their home, cars Read More

Spousal support concerns addressed in Georgia

Spousal support is an important part of many divorces so divorcing couples should be familiar with the different types of spousal support and know how spousal support requests are addressed. The Read More

How to modify divorce-related concerns following divorce

Following a divorce, it goes without saying that the circumstances of the divorced couple, their children and entire family will change as life changes and the children grow and develop. Read More

Property division basics in Georgia

Dividing up property can be a significant concern for many divorcing couples. The property division process is designed to help ensure a fair division of property so that the divorcing spouses Read More

When can you modify a child support payment order?

Life changes may call for making an adjustment to the amount of money going toward child support. However, only certain life events may allow a modification. Here’s when you can make Read More

Enforcing a divorce decree when your ex refuses to follow it

After divorce, you may run into a common situation where your ex does not follow the terms of the divorce decree. The divorce decree or custody order is a legally Read More

Georgia men fear losing custody

When two parents ultimately decide to have a divorce, it is often the father who goes in worried about how much time they will get to spend with their child Read More

How are child custody decisions made?

Parents entering the divorce process likely have many questions about child custody and how their child custody concerns will be worked out. Parents can put some of their concerns at ease Read More

How spousal support is determined during divorce

Spousal support and spousal support requests are an important part of any divorce. There are different ways that spouses can contribute to their marriage over the years, including monetarily or Read More

When one spouse keeps the home in a divorce

In many divorces, what will happen with the family home is a central issue. There are many ways this issue could be resolved. One is the divorcing spouses reaching an arrangement Read More

I can’t afford my child support payments, now what?

When everything is going as planned in regard to your finances, you may find it easy to make child support payments as required by the court. However, if something gets Read More

How to ask for a prenuptial agreement in a reasonable manner

Are you inching ever so closely to asking your partner to work with you on creating a prenuptial agreement? Are you holding back over concerns that it could lead to Read More

A parenting agreement can be your key to a better future

Divorce is a big step in your life, especially if you have a child with the other person. While your life is sure to change in many ways, it’s your Read More

Can divorce agreements be modified in Georgia?

When you and your spouse initially divorced, you may have reached agreements regarding custody of your children, visitation rights and child support payments. These agreements may have accurately reflected your situation Read More

Viewing 17 - 32 out of 34 posts


1 2 3