It is difficult enough when you are in the middle of a heated Georgia custody battle with your spouse. The stress piles on when you are unsure of who will receive custody of your child. Despite whether you feel as though you are the best fit, you cannot always predict what a judge will determine. You can, however, ensure that you have a fair shot of receiving custody of your child. According to Very Well Family, a few factors influence a court’s decision.

The court does listen to the concerns of both parents. If you are fighting for sole custody, then it is important that you do not stand in the way of a relationship between your child and the other spouse. Of course, some circumstances may dictate a different reaction, but for most couples, courts want to see that the parents will still encourage a relationship between the children and the other parent.

The children’s ages may also influence the decision of the court. Older children can often speak to their preferences and most often, courts will listen to the preferences of older children to an extent. It is important for the court to consider the best interest of the child and to ensure that the parents are not influencing his or her opinions.

The court prefers to grant custody to the parent who is providing the majority of the childcare. For instance, if you have custody of your child more often, if you are the one who provides most of the care, then the court will want to maintain consistency.

The above information is meant to inform on custody decisions; it is not legal advice.